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Are you looking for new Christmas songs for 2011? Read on for the mention of all the Christmas Songs released so far in 2011.

Christmas Songs 2011

Christmas - one of the most celebrated festival in the world - is all about celebration and happiness. This festival commemorates the birth of Jesus - Son of God - and is one of the most ecstatic and holy occasion celebrated around the globe. Adding to the bliss of this joyous occasion are a multitude of songs that talk about the grandeur and importance of Christmas. After all, what celebration is complete without songs! Christmas is closely associated with the classic Christmas songs which enjoy so much popularity that they've now become synonymous to the festivities. However, there are new songs also that keep hitting the block every year so that you may never tire of the musical aspect of this snow-capped holiday. Join us as we take you to the amazing world of Christmas songs for this year. The following write-up pays tribute to the all time classics while introducing the latest numbers of 2011.

Top Christmas Songs 2011
Let's have a quick look on the top songs from the 2011 Christmas release albums "She & Him" and "A Farmhouse Christmas".

She & Him
This is one of the latest Christmas albums by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. This album is actually an attempt to reinvent classic Christmas songs familiar to most of the music lovers across the world. Given below is a list of top 5 songs from this 12-song album.
  • The Christmas Waltz : This is the opening song of this album and is the re-invention of the original all-time favorite song by Frank Sinatra.
  • Christmas Day: It is set in a traditional-yet-pop style. It revisits this all-time hit with a touch of new-age.
  • Blue Christmas: As you might have already guessed, this song is the re-worked version of Elvis Presley’s classic 'Blue Christmas'.
  • Sleigh Ride: This merry song revives the festivities and prepares you to welcome this holy occasion with excitement and joy.
  • The Christmas Song: This is the last song of this album. This song derives its inspiration from the yesteryear think Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, The Carpenters etc.
A Farmhouse Christmas
Another musical treat this Christmas is composed by award-winning duo Joey and Rory. This album is an attempt to present the duo's life when they lived in a small farmhouse in Tennessee. Their best compositions are as:
  • I Know What Santa's Getting for Christmas: Penned by Garth Brooks and Kent Blazy, this song depicts the playfulness and fun of this festive season.
  • What the Hell, It's the Holidays: This is an entertaining song just meant to celebrate these holy-days.  
  • Let It Snow (Somewhere Else): This song was written by Joey and Rory along with James Slater and Tim Johnson, at a songwriter festival in Key West. The lyrics are quite popular and it is touted as the personal favourite of the performers.
  • Another Wonderful Christmas: Another wonderful piece of work for this Christmas from “A Farmhouse Christmas”.
All-Time Hit Christmas Songs

Jingle Bells
This is a song which does not require any introduction, being the most popular Christmas song in the world. Written by James Lord Pierpont in 1857, this song is actually a thanks giving song. Being popularly used for thanksgiving in Christmas season, it got branded as a Christmas song and now, Jingle Bells is the most common word associated with Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas Is You
It is a contemporary pop romantic song sung by famous American pop singer Mariah Carey. It portrays the protagonist's crave to meet her lover during this wonderful time. Neither she never cares for any gift, nor can the Santa make her happy. She is waiting for her lover singing "All I want for Christmas is you."

I'll Be Home For Christmas
This is one of the most touching Christmas Song. Originated in 1943, during the time of World War, this song depicts the feeling of soldiers who thought that the war would get over soon and they can be home by Christmas. But, this did not happen. The pain of being away from home and beloveds is expressed in the touchiest lines of this song - "I will be home for Christmas, If only in, Dreams." This song is sung by Vanessa Williams.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
This is another touching Christmas song which is melancholy enough to bring tears in listener's eyes. The song which was introduced by Judy Garland and later modified by Frank Sinatra is just like a ray of hope or a wish for those humans who suffers from serious hopelessness.

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Penned by Johnny Marks and voiced by Brenda Lee, this Christmas song became a big hit in 1958. The song creates a perfect Christmas ambiance that you cannot stop yourself from celebrating.

Songs are an inseparable part of Christmas Celebrations. Enjoy this festival season with your favorite Christmas songs. Hope this article helped you find out some interesting songs for Christmas 2011.