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What are the Christmas decoration trends in 2011? Read on to know more about the latest decoration trends and decoration ideas for the coming season.

Christmas Decorations 2011

Christmas brings about cheers and nostalgic memories. This makes this festival special and clearly demarcated it from all other celebrations. Apart from religious and traditional elements, it is a celebration of humanity and togetherness. Each Christmas season brings about a perfect festive mood that no one can stay away from. Decoration, lighting up, making Christmas trees - there are so many things to do. It is true that all of us eagerly wait for this season to start and the jubilation to begin. However, this year, before you set out pulling old decorative from the closets or rushing into the market to collect new accessories, we'd suggest you take a look at the latest trends and accessories available in the market. Decorations are but ways of welcoming friends and families to your houses and having them in accordance to the latest trends would only make you the best host in the town. So, carry on reading the next bit to know the latest decorative trends for Christmas 2011.

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2011

Traditional Is Still In
As with any other festival, traditional Christmas decoration patterns will always have ready takers. Give your interiors a natural look using materials like bleached wood, cotton and glass. You can also try combining old and treasured decorative pieces with new ornamentals to create a fusion decoration theme. Voluminous balls animal replicas, angels and fairytale figures are also in great demand. Lametta and tinsel are sort of falling out of trend these days while artificial snow on pine branches is in popular demand.

Decoration Tips For Christmas 2011
  • The new decoration trend for this Christmas season is a fusion of colors. Try new color combinations this Christmas season and brighten up your interiors. Blue and brown are the favorite colours for this Christmas season and various combinations of these colours can also be tried. 
  • You can go for a colour-theme based decoration. There are many choices like silver dust decoration, white frost and snow embellishment and they all seek to bring elegance to your décor. Other shades like purple, orange and lemon are also in trend along with the customary white, gold, red and green.
  • Christmas celebration is also an occasion when families get together to share love, fun and the sheer joy of togetherness. No wonder then that food has a special place for itself on this occasion. Hence the emphasis laid on your kitchen. However, you need not take your Santa’s and snowflakes to your kitchen for this. You can make this very simple and logical. Try creating a centre-piece or an island with fruit and vegetables. This way, you get both colour and food on the same palette.  
  • When you decorate your house, make sure that you consider the house as a single unit so that the decorations maintain a unity in theme. Take an idea and stick with it for the drawing room, balcony and porch et al. This brings about a uniformity in the décor and also helps you save time on thinking and decorating each room differently.
  • It is important to consider the style of your house. You can give your traditional home, a contemporary look using decorations that either complement or contrast the original décor. For eg., if your house has a traditional look then you can either opt for classy traditional themes to have an old-world charm or use stylish decorations to add a tasteful new age appeal to your abode.
  • You have a variety of designs in Christmas stars and trees. Also, trees with artificial foliage are of great demand nowadays; even aluminium trees are fast catching-up. Although, this year is not entirely an aluminium-tree year, options such as these are quite a trend for 2011.
Though Christmas carries an element of traditional values with it, the mode of celebration varies from year to year. Yes, we meet friends, do get-togethers and attend masses every year but the way we do up our Christmas tree and home decor is something that changes a but every year. Hope this write up on new trends in Christmas decorations helped you figure out your favourite style for Christmas 2011.