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Are you looking for lighting ideas for Christmas 2011? Read this article and explore interesting lighting ideas and latest trends for this Christmas Season.

Christmas Lights 2011

Yet another Christmas is here and it is time to think about how to welcome these merry moments to your home and to your life. It is an unutterable pleasure to see houses and country sides beautifully decorated with stars, and Christmas ornaments hung on trees, gardens, fences and everywhere. So, how are you planning to light up your house this season? Not decided yet? Don't worry! It is quite natural to get confused with the multitude of lighting potions available-both contemporary and traditional. And when faced with the choice of single or multi-coloured and LED or icicle, you need to consider the fact that the lighting trends change almost every year. So, it is not really wise to spend a lot on lighting without knowing what really is in. Think about various lighting ideas and select the one that suits the occasion and your budget. Here are some tips that can help you find out trendy lighting ideas for this season. Read on to learn more about Christmas Lighting 2011.

Christmas Lighting Ideas 2011

Outdoor Lighting
  • Though common, theme based lighting has a grace of its own. Select a theme related to Christmas and arrange them in a novel way. Theme-based lightings are now available in the market. You can also have a pick from options like sea, winter, snow, etc with respect to the theme.  
  • Light up your home using multi-coloured lights. You can also opt for single or double coloured lighting that appears to be in contrast with the wall colour.
  • Light up window ledges, the trim around the roof and perimeter of your doorstep and use icicle lights for this purpose. There are single coloured and multi-coloured icicle lights available in the market. If you want cascading effect, then add timer to the lights. Otherwise, the latest trend actually calls for un-flickering stable lights.
  • Use net light to embellish bushes. It is the easiest method to decorate them.  Again, you have a variety of colours to choose from in net lights. Use tiny twinkling lights to decorate small trees while larger trees can be decorated with larger lights. Green colour lights bring a divine beauty to the trees and bushes.  
  • Use lower light fixtures to light up the garden. This gives a better mood than a single bright garden light. Light up key areas like doorways, stairs etc. so that the light is evenly distributed throughout your garden.
  • You can try a combination of task lighting and accent lighting for the exteriors which helps you highlight the exterior features of your home along with providing you with security.  
Indoor lights
  • There is a multitude of indoor lighting ideas available for Christmas. You can choose right from icicle to crystal chandelier to elaborate your interiors.  Doorways and French windows are ideal for lit swags. Plastic candles are ideal for children’s room as they are capable of evoking squeals of joy along with being very safe.
  • Highlighting techniques are the best method not only to focus on, but also to warm up a specific area.  You can arrange this kind of lighting by giving focused range of light that complements the interior of your home. This type of lighting helps you highlight anything you want – from a Christmas painting to a decorative accessory or a Christmas ornament.
  • However, if you are too focused on traditional lighting for this Christmas, you can definitely opt for classic patters that are never out of trend. Traditional lightings are not heavy or bulky; they use simple materials like brass or iron fixtures.
  • Up lighting techniques can be used to light up the walls from a lower area and is apt for those places where a ceiling mounted lighting system cannot be used.
  • Led lights are the latest trends in Christmas lighting, which are easy to install and also consume very less energy. They are much more durable than other options and also offer a variety of styles.
Lighting is closely with Christmas celebration and decoration. Try something new this season and make your interiors and exteriors stand-out from others. Hope this article helped you explore lighting ideas for this festival season. Wish you a Merry Christmas!