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The best way to end your Christmas celebrations is to catch a great Christmas flick. Take a look at the list of Christmas movie collections for the holiday season.

Christmas Movies 2011

Snow white teardrops, twinkling baubles, fun filled stocking treats, colorful poinsettia and the whiff of grandma's homemade cookies-all these can instantly transport us back to some of the cherished Christmas celebrations. The happy cheer and gaiety, presents tucked under the Christmas tree and scrumptious food can keep most of us rapt for weeks. But there is nothing like watching a good Christmas movie to keep up and spread the jollity of the holiday season. Christmas movies are a perfect way to end the hustle and bustle of the festivity with family and close friends. It is not only a great way to entertain them with a cheerful and fun filled flick but also ensures that you spend quality time with your kin. And don't forget the popcorn tub, a delicious mug of hot chocolate and other delectable treats to complete the movie experience. From classics to the latest Christmas movie of 2011, here's our list of best pick for this year, take a look.

Top Christmas Movies 2011

Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas (2011)
The romantic film is an adaptation of the book 'When Christmas Comes'. The plot of the movie is based on Emily, a widow, who joins her friend Heather in Boston to celebrate Christmas. In Boston, Emily comes across Charles, and thereafter the story blossoms into a romance. Watch out for this sweet and heartwarming story this Christmas produced by Hallmark.

Christmas Returns to Canaan (2011)
This movie is a sequel of the super-hit 2009 movie "Christmas in Canaan". Daniel is a single father raising his injured son in Canaan, Texas. While Daniel, still a mourning widower, moves to San Francisco to seek medical aid for his son, he meets a woman. This stranger brings about a change in his life. To find out what happens next, watch this Hallmark production this year.

Lucky Christmas (2011)
Lucky Christmas is a story about a single mother named Holly, who is trying to make ends meet. One day Holly's car, carrying her lottery-winning ticket is burglarized and she meets an expert in finding missing cars. The stranger befriends her for her winning money buts ends up realizing there are a few things in life more significant than money.

Annie Claus' Year Off (2011)
This is a romantic drama of Santa's daughter. When she is finally given a year off to live in the real world, Annie has to decide to take up Santa's business when he retires. Meanwhile, she meets a highly pretentious stranger and falls for him. Watch out for what happens next in this charming tale of love.

A Princess for Christmas (2011)
This movie is about a young woman who is on a holiday in Europe with her niece and nephew. Things suddenly change when they meet a prince there and a new-age fairy tale is created.

Christmas Pageant (2011)
When a fierce, demanding, and a difficult director to work with, visits a small town to direct a Christmas Pageant, miracles are about to happen. She discovers new things about herself and re-discovers life. Watch out for how simplicity can make you happy.

Cancel Christmas (2011)
What happens when Santa is given 30 days to teach a few self-centered boys, the true meaning of sharing? What if the condition says that he will be fired if he fails to complete the mission? Cancel Christmas is a sweet and tender movie packed with lots of fun and some very good lessons you could base your life on.

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! (2011)
A Disney Channel production, this film falls in the series of Good Luck Charlie. When Duncan decides to meet Amy's parents and is stranded by a snow storm, they move into a hotel room and Charlie goes missing. Will they find Charlie? Watch the movie to find out.

The Classics

A Christmas Carol (1951)
This movie is undisputedly a Christmas classic and a must watch this Christmas even if you've seen it a thousand times already. This adaptation of Charles Dickens novel of the same name continues to rule the charts for the best classic Christmas motion pictures.

A Wonderful Life (1946)
Starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, this is yet another good Christmas classic to cherish this year. When Jimmy Stewart, burdened with privation and losing all hope in life, decides to commit suicide, a guardian angel decides to intervene. What happens next is a bitter-sweet tale that talks about how beautiful a life can be

A Christmas Story (1983)
A 9-yerr-old child named Ralphie Parker wants nothing except a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Despite being constantly turned down by his mother, teacher and Santa Clause from a department store, Ralphie is in no mood to give up. To see what happens next, watch this endearing and sweet Christmas classic.

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (2007)
Watch out for Dennis while he sets in the Christmas spirit much to the dismay of his killjoy neighbor Mr Wilson. Snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy this entertaining comedy amidst bouts of roaring laughter.

With the kind of movies mentioned above, you are expected to stay busy for long. So, gather all the elders when you get watching to avoid them from disturbing you; for when the charm of these movies goes full-on, there is no way you can bring yourself to look away even for a minute.