World Of Christmas
This Christmas, put an effort to think beyond hanging stars and simple ropes of light. Explore this article for information on the latest Christmas decoration trends for 2011.

Christmas Decor 2011

The holiday season is back once again and everyone's in that festive mood. Bells, lights and hollies are all around. Yes, Christmas it is and spirits seem to be soaring high. A different look for this season is a must. You certainly don't want to pull out the same decorations from last year because it only means missing out on trends this season. Also, it's much more exciting to beat the monotony and go for something new, every year. A completely new decor including new centerpieces, wall hangings, color themes, lighting, fabrics and wreaths will do the trick. This season has a lot to offer and there are a many different trend-setting ideas you can be a part of. Let 2011 make your home, and the decorations in it, be the talk of the town. Skim through for some hints and tips to know what you should really do for Christmas this time around.

2011 Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Concert Of Colors
This season, silver and a lighter shade of green have been declared favorites. A lot of silver ribbons, ornaments and embellishments can give rise to the theme of 'Frosted Greenery'. You're sure to be a part of the trend curve with this theme. Blues and browns, printed with silver dust and white frost, are deemed to be a popular color scheme. Purple is still lingering around this season, and if coordinated well with some vibrant shades like red, vibrant green and silver, it can create a jazzy and cozy look for you this winter. However, in all the hoopla of latest trends, don't forget the traditional Christmas color scheme of red, green and gold. These colors never go out of fashion and can always be the best resort.

The Centre Of Attention
Christmas centerpieces are one of the most important parts of Christmas decor. Keeping your color scheme in mind, go ahead and get the right kind of look for the tables. Flowers and candles can be used in combination for an elegant look. You can keep it simple yet gorgeous by using fruits like hollowed pineapples and coconuts, and use them as vases for Christmas petals.

Let There Be Light
Lighting is one of the main charms behind every celebration. Similarly, Christmas lights are very important too. Usually Christmas calls for a lot of white lights as they symbolize the warmth and piousness that Christmas is associated with. This year also the trend remains the same. However, this time around, you can use as many outdoor lights as possible for a heavenly experience. You can even go about topping your roof with a trumpeting angel or a Moravian star. Your house will literally stand out. Candle lanterns can also be used on the sidewalks to border the house. Another innovative way of adding light to your house could be hanging lights along the window of the house so that these can be seen from the outside too. Yes, you guessed it right; it's backs to the basics with lighting this year!

Less Is More
Not so surprisingly, this season 'less is more'. Yes you got that right. A simple Christmas tree with precisely placed embellishments, garlands and wreaths just bordered around very exquisitely, gifts wrapped to perfection and lights sprinkled around is the new fad.

Inflatable Interests
An innovative way to show off your holiday spirit could be placing inflatables in and around your house. Santas, reindeers or angelic inflatables et al, swaying and popping around are sure to add a spark to that Christmas spirit.

Felt Forever
That forgotten fabric 'felt' is making a comeback this season. There are so many colors to choose from and it is such an easy and fun fabric to work with. Using felt, you can craft a variety of things like Christmas stockings, garlands and even wreaths. All you have to do is cut out a desired shape and glue stuff on. And if you want to sew it, precision is not even a consideration.

Going Green
You can go slightly eco-friendly this time, especially with your wreaths. Seasonal flowers and apples can be weaved together. You can use it just like it is or just spray paint it for that 'White Christmas' feel. Old Christmas cards can be stenciled out in the shape of hollies to create recycled wreaths. Another great idea would be to use wine corks and ribbons to bead out antique looking pieces.

Enumerated above were few of the Christmas decorations trends for the year 2011. Here's hoping these ideas will enable you to add some variation to your Christmas decor this time.